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Judge Joseph Condon Knows Cops Were Wrongfully Accused, Bianchi And Owens Should Be Jailed Instead

February 8, 2008

Found Here: Marengo Gazette

Corruption is undermining justice which is denying the basic human right to a fair trial of the innocent.

I would like to congratulate Volstad and Pilati for their victory against a corrupted judicial system.
It is nice to see that even Judge Joseph Condon could not ignore the fact that Louis Bianchi and Nichole Owens tampered with crucial evidence in the case. There is nothing more incriminating than having two audios of the call to 911 and having them being different. Let’s not forget that William Kroncke handed over the remix. Also, he was probably responsible for the missing video tape that was taken from a gas station across the way that might have captured the whole thing. What video tape!? You will have to ask Nichole Owens about this one.

The way I see it, 90 days in jail and 2 years probation is much better than 5 years in prison. There lies the victory. Who knows, they might only serve half of that.

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McHenry Judge Condon Is Corrupted By Nichole Owens And Lou Bianchi, William Kroncke Had 911 Tape Was Altered

November 5, 2007

Illinois State Police William Kroncke corrupted the trail will tampered 911 tape.

The two former officers who were acting in self-defense during the February 2005 altercation outside KC’s Cabin are found guilty of all charges after saving the life of Jessica Thelen. Defense lawyers agreed that the former officers jumped Hallett, but only to save the life of a woman they say he had taken hostage at knifepoint.
Ryan Hallett told the jury that he went to the bar already intoxicated and with the intent to go to the bar and start trouble with one of these offiers becauce of a friend. Ryan Hallett got what he deserved after taking a woman hostage. He could of killed her.
Not only that, these men did not get a fair trail due to Judge J Condon. There was a 911 tape that William Kroncke from the Il State Police had an altered copy made which was given as evidence. Judge Condon knew, and did nothing. Judge Condon should be arrested along with with William Kroncke and Nicole Owens. These people have broken the law and should loose their jobs. Judge Condon has proven that no one in McHenry County can have a fair trail, especially under him. How many other innocent people in McHenry County were found guilty by Judge Condon in which he had knowledge of "tampered evidence" and did nothing?
The Attorney General needs to look into this corruption.

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Marengo Police Chief Les Kottke, Going Senile Or Just Plain Idiot? Allows Courtney Miller Back On The Job After A Drunk Driving Arrest

June 7, 2007

Is Marengo Police Chief Les Kottke mind being clouded by old age? Marengo has one of the worst police departments in Northern Illinois. City Hall is no better. Marengo will sure be know as the breeding hole for bad cops and politicians.

Marengo cop back to work

MARENGO — Despite pending drunken driving charges, a police officer is back to work in Marengo, which some local police chiefs say they would not allow.
Courtney Miller appeared Tuesday in Winnebago County court on charges related to a February arrest in connection with driving under the influence of alcohol.
Miller, of Loves Park, was on paid leave from the Marengo Police Department after her arrest Feb. 6 in Rockford by Illinois State Police. She’s been back for a few weeks, Marengo Police Deputy Chief Joseph Hallman said.
Chief Les Kottke was unavailable for comment, and Carlos Arevalo, city attorney, declined to detail the decision to allow Miller to return.

“There was an investigation, the union was involved, and that culminated in the arrangement,” Arevalo said.

Winnebago County Judge Richard Lucas ruled in April that the suspension of Miller’s driving license was unfounded.
Arevalo said that finding left city officials to believe that the case won’t merit a conviction.

“It will play itself, and the case is going to go away, as simple as that,” he said. 

Miller, 32, has pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of alcohol with blood-alcohol content of more than 0.08 percent, and speeding 15 mph to 20 mph faster than the posted limit. 
Law enforcement driving under the influence of alcohol has been, in the recent past, an issue for agencies throughout the county.
In Marengo, Arevalo explained, the police department considers each discipline case individually.
Jim Pasco, director of the National Fraternal Order of Police, said the organization hadn’t issued recommendations specific to DUI arrests and deemed all discipline “negotiable.”
While other local departments agreed that cases vary, some, including the McHenry County sheriff’s department and those in Fox River Grove and Algonquin, said they would not put an officer on duty before the criminal case had concluded.

In Crystal Lake and West Dundee, disciplinary action would probably, but not always, be taken after a case’s conclusion.
Algonquin Police Chief Russell Laine said for officers whose Breathalyzer tests register above a certain level, the department would seek unpaid leave and dismissal.
Harvard Chief of Police Dan Kazy-Gary said in his department, a DUI charge wouldn’t always prompt paid leave until the conclusion of a court case.

What’s next
Miller is expected to appear again in court July 20, when her attorney plans to argue that her arrest lacked probable cause. 
The maximum penalties for a DUI conviction include losing one’s driver’s license for at least a year and up to $2,500, as well as land her behind bars for up to a year.
Arevalo wouldn’t say whether that would change her job status in Marengo.
Some area departments adhere more rigidly than others to court verdicts in deciding whether to keep an officer on staff.

In Algonquin, a DUI conviction would lead to termination, but acquittals could, too, Laine said.
McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren said he adhered to a similar principle.

“Chances are, they’re going to lose their job, which I guess is more than the average citizen pays,” he said. “Maybe we’re held to a higher standard. If you don’t like that, then don’t get in the business.”

Pasco pointed out that standard also can be unfair.

“Too often, there’s a presumption that police officers check their civil rights at the station door, and that’s just not true,” Pasco said.

Troy Wise had been a McHenry County assistant state’s attorney for about six months when he was fired Feb. 15, a day after his car collided with a utility pole and he was charged with DUI.
And Donald Anderson was working as a sheriff’s deputy on probationary terms when he crashed a squad car into a tree in January. Crystal Lake police responded to the scene and delayed filing DUI charges against Anderson until several days afterward after the Northwest Herald had filed a Freedom of Information request for related reports.

Appeared Here

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State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi Admit’s Wrong By Offering Sweet Deal To Guaghan Brothers, Gaughan Brothers Record Will Be Expunged Of All Charges, Civil Lawsuit Against Marengo Illinois Will Be Likely

April 23, 2007

After nearly three years McHenry County Prosecutors throw in the towel. Nichole Owens, the prosecutor who was going after the Gaughan brothers for aggravated battery of a police officer, criminal damage to government property, criminal trespass and filing a false police report, contacted the Gaughans’ attorney last week and told them she did not wish to proceed with the case, and will drop all charges if the Gaughan brothers plead to a minor charge. The deal was if both brothers pleaded guilty to attempted disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor, that they fabricated the abuse allegations. Basically, there records will be expunged and the Gaughans were sentenced to one year of conditional discharge.

Of course Louis Bianchi said they had a very strong case. Louis Bianchi said. “It was so strong, it persuaded them to plead guilty.” It persuaded them to plead guilty? It must have been one of those moments. In a way that statements implies that the prosecutors are guilty of malicious prosecution. Think about it, this was a deal that no one would turn down. I did not see this one coming. I believe this was a way for the prosecutor to avoid being sued by the Gaughans, since they pled guilty. This also now makes the prosecutors look good in the media and for the up coming 2008 election for Louis Bianchi since the case was brought to a conclusion. I guess it was better to make the City of Marengo look bad then to look bad at election time.

This deal has paved the way for a strong civil lawsuit against the City of Marengo. Even though the brother plead guilty to this odd charge, it will make it hard for the City of Marengo to make their own defense since the brothers record will be wiped clean.

Congrats to the Gaughans’!!!

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Police Officer Info

March 29, 2007

There is a well know private investigator, Paul Ciliono, who would be interested in taking on your case for free. If you are interested in getting some justice done on this, please contact me using a valid email address so that I can convey information back to you.

Police Officer Information?

March 26, 2007

We where recently contacted about a police officer. The e-mail left was not valid. I need to contact you if you are seeking information.


Marengo Teen Will Not Have A Fair Trial, Shooter Jerry Sweat Has Charges Dropped, Nichole Owens Lou Bianchi Continue To Maliciously Prosecute Brothers, Judge Condon

March 19, 2007

Marengo resident Jerry Sweat, the person who shot Marengo teenager Patrick Gaughan, has had the charges dropped against him. However, Jerry Sweat could still be charged at a later date which could be filed at a later date. Either way, Jerry is not in the clear. Dropping these charges is not a surprise. They would rather try to convict and jail a teen who has mistakenly tried to tee-pee a wrong residence then put a potential murderer behind bars. So let’s see…. 30 years in prison for Jerry Sweat or 3-5 years for Patrick Gaughan for potential breaking and entering and obstruction. Well, since it’s a Gaughan let’s screw him. The McHenry County State’s Attorneys Office has a vendetta with the Gaughan family since 2004 and it is no secret.

Here is something that is very interesting.

A Harvard man shot and killed his neighbor’s dog claiming self defense. The McHenry County State’s Attorney spent countless taxpayers’ money on forensic investigation. They studied the travel of the bullets, angles, distance, and etc. They convicted him with felony animal cruelty, which carried a potential maximum three-year prison sentence. He was ordered to two years of probation, pay a $2,000 fine and perform 50 hours of community service. Look at the extent the prosecutor went through to convict this person for shooting a dog.  Why didn’t the prosecutor go though this much when it came to a person shooting another person? Why? The only thing that had been done was some questions asked by the Sheriffs Department when Patrick was lying in a hospital bed. They never even collected the bullets that came out of Patrick. WHAT!!! The McHenry County State’s Attorneys Office never bothered to contact the family. Again, why?

It’s because it is the Gaughans. The City of Marengo with their McHenry County connections have collaborated with each other and set out to tear this family apart over police abuse charges filed against Scott Crawford. I just cannot believe how people can be blinded by this corruption. Scott Crawford should have been fired and charges brought up against him. But thanks to the help of the McHenry County State’s Attorneys Office, found a way for him to still be a creditable witness against the Gaughans by resigning his position. I know that’s why Nichole and Lou were at the hearing. To make sure their witness was secured. The McHenry County State’s Attorneys probably did not figure that Kelly Given would do something so stupid. Kelly Given should have had charges brought up again her for stealing sealed juvenile records. But again, with the help from the prosecutors and the City of Marengo, no charges were filed. They had to secure that witness as well so she resigned. They knew that if anyone of them had charges against them they would not be a creditable witness. That is why they have temporally dropped the charges against Jerry Sweat.

You cannot imagine how much tax payer dollars went to maliciously prosecute this family. The Crawford issue will be going for a third year. I believe it all comes down to the prosecutor does not have squat against these boys. Their strategy is to financially destroy this family until they can claim victory.
This family will not EVER get a fair trial.

I cannot wait to see what the papers will print tomorrow.
Where is the Justice in this county?

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Cops And DUI’s

February 24, 2007

Cops And DUI’s:

Looks like the Marengo Police Department received some more bad publicity this week. Marengo Officer Courtney Miller was charged with a DUI, making her the third McHenry County law enforcement officer charged this month. She was driving in Rockford at 3am when stopped and apprehended. Marengo Chief, Les Kotke, of course, put her on PAID administrative leave instead of firing her. Of course, she was simply apprehended, not convicted yet. But it would be interesting to see what will happen if she is convicted. Will Marengo get rid of her?? Or will she be forced to resign and given a good reference like the other two Marengo cops, Crawford and Given?? Or will she simply take some sort of deal with the prosecutor and simply beat the DUI one way or another. In that case, we have a police officer who will now drive around while potentially being drunk on and off the job, have access to a gun on and off the job while being potentially drunk in the future. We have a real danger to society. The scary thing is it is happening again and again in McHenry County. Police officers and drinking just does not mix, on or off the job, because of their access to weapons. One also might wonder just what kinds of police officers are being hired in McHenry County. Those who are likely to drink?? Those who are unstable emotionally?? What kinds of incidents can this potentially lead to in the future?

Read the story: Another officer faces DUI


October 14, 2006

Free Image Hosting at

(click on the pic)

I’d like to ask you, Judge Condon, why you think Kroncke and Schroeder are good officers? Just because you and only you made the decision that we all knew you were going to make, to allow the coerced, fake confession as evidence? Of course, YOU are on the prosecution’s side, judge, you all know each other, go to the same parties, so it is not surprising that you would not want to ruin their case. Its political, that’s why. It would be bad politics to go against the prosecution.

Where is your sense of shame? Did you not see the whole tape? You did not see Kevin Gaughan jump back at one point or the way he was sitting, clearly frightened? You did not see Kroncke jump, run around the room, slam papers, point his finger, throw Kevin into a cell, punch a guy out? You saw Kroncke brush Kevin’s shoulder?? Please! Watch the tape again, judge. Or did you even bother to watch it, since you obviously decided to make this decision ahead of time?

Look at all the cases that you and Bianchi and Owens presided over that were turned over on appeal. Look at the shameful ways you behave, not caring about justice or right and wrong. You would put any person in jail, no matter if he’s innocent and guilty, just to win a case! You should all be disbarred. Don’t worry, by the time this is all over with, I am sure the FBI will get involved in your wrongdoings. This will not go on.

And shame on you reporters of the Northwest Herald. What a crappy article! Just the other day was an article and a website where one can view the tape for oneself. Are you saying you saw this tape and still believe the lies that Condon and Bianchi stated to you people? What is this? You don’t do any of your own investigating, but just print whatever the people you interview tell you, true or false? Just the day before there was an article where the events on the very same tape were discussed in a contradictory manner.

All lies. From the prosecutors to the judge to our community paper. You people have no shame!


Woodstock, Illinois

October 15, 2006

William Kroncke – Illinois State Police Caught In A Lie

October 4, 2006

Illinois State Police William Kroncke’s Lies Exposed
William Kroncke, who is a Illinois State Police investigator, has been in the process of lying so often, that it is safe to say he must either be a habitual liar, or a ruthless individual concerned less with the law then with doing favors for friends and abusing various people. Take a look at some of what William Kroncke has done: – He was caught on tape punching a prisoner in handcuffs and slapping Kevin Gaughan, who came in to file a complaint. – He has lied and covered up facts of an investigation he supposedly conducted into the shooting of a suspect by a Marengo police officer. – He has lied on the stand constantly and repeatedly. Under oath. – He has even stolen evidence that was supposed to be handed over to the defense in a case!

Considering all these facts, it shouldn’t surprise us that William Kroncke would lie about his military service record as well. Since getting transferred to Chicago, Kroncke has told people, including possible suspects, that he was an Army Ranger, who had fought in various wars and held many medals. However, Kroncke appears to be just like Jack Genot. When his military record is examined, it shows that Kroncke did not serve in the Army at all or been anywhere near a battlefield. Instead, he was a financial officer without any clearances in the National Guard! In other words, while Kroncke was able to commend respect from his superiors in the
Chicago area because of his military and war service, the fact is that he never even served! I imagine that if his superiors, many of whom are themselves real military heroes and real Rangers, knew that Kroncke lied about being a Ranger and was just a piddly financial officer, a clerk, then he would get a lot less respect. Maybe they wouldn’t stand up to protect this liar and poor excuse of a human being when he habitually lies, hits people, and does wrong. Maybe they will look the other way when all these lies finally catch up with him. I would think at the very least, this must be very embarrassing for Kroncke himself, as there is no excuse for this kind of lie.

Jack Genot has made a public apology and a fellow alderman asked him in Council to resign. Though he did not do so. Maybe we should all demand that the Illinois State Police finally get rid of William Kroncke. It is not safe or wise to give a habitual liar and violent individual, who also covers up for his lies, a badge and especially, a gun. I would write the Illinois State Police Headquarters in
Chicago and demand Kroncke’s resignation. We will all be safer in the future. Especially those of us in Marengo.

IllinoisState Police
Woodstock Illinois
Marengo Illinois

October 4, 2006

Barbarians of the Justice System

September 25, 2006



We Americans believe that we have the most just system of law in the world. People are “assumed innocent” until proven guilty and have a right to a trial by a jury of their peers. Prosecutors are supposed to prosecute those against whom there is evidence and who they themselves believe to be guilty. This is the ideal upon what our justice system in this country is based. In fact, more than an ideal, we, the citizens of this country, believe that if we are falsely accused of a crime, then this will be caught and remedied. Supposedly, innocent people do not wind up in jail in the United States.

This has, unfortunately, not been the case in McHenry County. There’s justice for the rest of the country and there’s “McHenry County justice”. Meaning what?
– People are falsely arrested and then indicted by a grand jury because of false evidence given against them.
The prosecutor, Nichole Owens, is ambitious and willing to see innocent people go to jail for crimes they did not commit in an effort to forward her own agenda.
– There are few judges and they make decisions that are pro- prosecution, and are later turned over by an appeals court.
– State investigators lie on the stand in order to protect themselves and their friends.
– People are beat up and arrested if they complain about the system.

Why is this happening? Because of two people who are here to put criminals behind bars and protect the rest of us in McHenry county are more concerned about getting ahead then about truth and justice. Nichole Owens has screwed up case after case in Boone County. The people who she prosecuted and who were found guilty, and the decisions made in her cases, were later overturned in Appellate court. She was booted out of there and is now in our McHenry County. She likewise has started prosecuting the innocent while those who belong in jail go free. In the Gaughan case, there was evidence from the beginning that Brian and Kevin Gaughan were not guilty of any of the charges brought against them by her office. It was and still is obvious to anyone looking at that case that Officer Crawford of Marengo beat up one of the Gaughans, who was injured. Crawford was the one against whom charges should have been brought against. Instead, Owens wants to prosecute people she knows are not guilty, as dropping the charges now would mean admitting some very obvious mistakes. There are 23 witnesses for the Gaughans and a videotape showing how Kevin Gaughan was hit and interrogated in order to get him to drop his complaint. The witnesses against the Gaughans? Crawford and Given, both forced to resign from Marengo PD. In fact, not only Crawford, but Given should have been prosecuted as well. She has stolen confidential information and given it to the NW Herald, yet has been allowed to get away with her crimes. Owens also insists on prosecuting the police officers involved in an altercation with Ron Hallet. The only reason charges are being brought up against these officers in the first place, was so State Investigator Kroncke could show that he wasn’t biased toward the police in the Gaughan case. So, four innocent people are prosecuted for crimes they did not commit, the videotapes which are essential, same as in the Gaughan case, have “mysteriously disappeared”. I am certain that if there are guilty charges in these cases, they, like the Boone County cases, will be overturned later by the Appellate Court.
The sad thing is that nothing is being done about Owens and Bianchi. They are allowed to go on their rampage, putting innocent people in jail and costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend themselves. State’s Attorney Lisa Madigan, nor anyone else, wants to get involved or cares about what is going on in this county. The only hope that I can see coming is to have people like you and me get together to try to fight some of the injustices. Because next time it might be you whose being falsely accused and tried. Next time you who read this might have a state officer like William Kroncke lie about you on the stand. Until people decide to take action, nothing will be accomplished. We are lucky that people like the Gaughans have decided to fight these injustices. In the end, I hope to see Owens and Bianchi make enough mistakes, so that they are forced to pay for their actions.

Woodstock Illinois Sept 29, 2006 

Is Lou for real?

August 27, 2006


The Northwest Herald printed that the arrest rate is up, but that crime is down. Hmmm… I wonder if this is because of all the people who have been falsely arrested and tried by the State’s Attorney’s Office.Supposedly, Marengo was one of the communities that has seen a decrease of crime since last year….

Marengo, huh? I wonder if this is because now that Crawford and his girlfriend Given were forced to resign, there are a lot less false arrests and fake crimes being committed. What about the murder of the 83 year old women? Was that solved? We’ll never find out, as the possible suspect was shot. Maybe the serious crimes, like drug dealing and murder did not go down, just that there were a lot less false arrests this year?

Lou Bianchi says that there is a lot of work to do and arrests to make. Why? I wonder..

The increase in workloads is because Nichole Owens is trying very hard to make a name for herself here in this county, and people are getting falsely arrested. The innocent are sent to prison, even if they are police officers, while bad police officers go unpunished and are able to get a job in other counties. True crime is being ignored..

I wonder how many of these arrests led to convictions and how many of the convictions are going to be overturned in the appeal process?

Bianchi also states that there will be a lot more work for the State’s attorney’s office.

I am sure there would be a lot less work without the false arrests. Look at Nichole Owens record in Boone county. People were falsely arrested and charged, and if convictions were obtained, they were overturned in appellate court. The same process is now occurring here in McHenry County. It is only a matter of time before Nichole Owens will find herself out of a job because of prosecutorial misconduct.

And what are supposedly our biggest problems in McHenry County? Sexual abuse and alcohol misuse!! What? Did I hear that right?

Is that what we need to worry about while there are meth use and other problems, with many people in the county living in poverty?

McHenry County judges have huge caseloads, according to Bianchi.

Maybe we need some new judges, as the ones who are handling the current cases seem to agree with the prosecutors, issue bad judgments, and then have those judgments turned over in an appeal.

What is the situation here in McHenry County?

Because of Nichole Owens, case after case is being prosecuted, whether the suspect is innocent or guilty. Owens doesn’t care about little things like innocence or guilt. She wants to make a name for herself. She will keep prosecuting people, engaging in misconduct, and sending innocent people to jail by using investigators who lie on the stand and other forms of ruthless actions, unless something is done.

McHenry County Illinois court fraud? Nichole Owens, William Kroncke

August 21, 2006

K.C.’s Cabin Spring Grove IL

Ryan Hallett admitted that he drank as many as 14 drinks at other places before he arrived at K.C.’s Cabin which lead to a beating from an off duty officer after pulling out a pocket knife and holding a woman hostage.


Ryan Hallett was no saint.

Ryan Hallett admitted that he intentionally walked by the officers and exchanged words which provoked the incident.

Ryan Hallett admitted he took out his pocket knife and waved it at an off duty officer.

Ryan Hallett kicked one police officer in the nuts.

Ryan Hallett threatens life Jessica Thelen and others.

Ryan Hallett was a drunk and out of control.

All liars: William Kroncke, Virgil Schroeder, Joe Perez, Nichole Owens, “Big Daddy” Lou Bianchi

Illinois State Police William Kroncke, Virgil Schroeder, Joe Perez, and Nichole Owens more than likely had these witnesses Heather Miller, Melissa Cross, and Greg Fisher lie on the stand. This is not the first time that these four have used their magical charms.

I thought that Nichole Owens was a head hunting witch for drilling Jessica Thelen on the stand like that. Nichole Owens yelled and harassed her the whole time. Jessica Thelan did what she had to in order to get away from the drunken madman, Ryan Hallett.


William Kroncke, who coached the accused before their Grand Jury proceedings? Seriously, the accused were told what questions they were going to be asked and how they should answer them. What! Nichole Owens, is that legal? I am questioning your creditability, like I do not think you ever had any.

Why did the McHenry County Presiding Judge Sharon Prather refused to allow testimony from a defense expert? Was it because he was expected to say that the former police officers were justified in their use of force to defend themselves from a knife-wielding Hallett? I though the jury should have heard the statements. Is the system here in McHenryCounty so corrupt that they knew this expert could have had some influence on the jury?

Marengo Illinois – Fear of lawsuits results in misleading article, NW Herald scared – lawsuits – William Kroncke

July 11, 2006

Marengo Illinois – Wow! Is this a misleading article! Talk about the NW Herald being too cowardly to tell the truth but yet still writing something just to say “they covered it”.

1. Watch the tape. What do you see? I see State Police Officer Kroncke punching Hedio and knocking him out for 43 minutes. And believe me, I’ve watched the tape many, many times. I also see Kevin Gaughan jumping back the moment Kroncke hits Hedio.
Also, I certainly wouldn’t say anything to protect Officers DiGiovanni and Mahlke, who were holding Hedio against the wall. I certainly have nothing at all good to say about the MPD or those two, but they didn’t punch Hedio out!! Just watch the tape!
It is interesting. In this case, its actually NOT the Marengo Police who are mostly at fault for what happened. I certainly wouldn’t be saying this to protect them.
Why did the NW Herald say that they did? Because of fear of lawsuits and pressure from State Police lawyers who are protecting Kroncke. They are cowards. They should have not even come up with an article at all, rather than one that has false information in it!

2. Nowhere it is mentioned that Kevin Gaughan was slapped two times. Why? Because Kroncke slapped him. And the NW Herald cannot mention Kroncke’s name or actions, because of fear of lawsuits.

3. Kroncke and Schroeder’s names aren’t mentioned at all, in fact. Again, fear of lawsuits by the cowardly NW Herald.

4. Yes, very true. Hedio was not provided with medical attention and everyone ignored him and went about their business. However, I should mention that, again, if you watch the tape, you can see that Mahlke kicks Hedio into the cell, not really nudges him with his foot. Again, I’ve watched the tape more than once, many times. But you can see it for yourselves.

5. Let me ask this one. If the NW Herald is such an honest, independent source of news in McHenry County, why won’t they come out with the truth?

And why is it that the Gaughans were not allowed to take out a small ad a year and a half ago looking for other people with cases against the MPD, but William Kaper is allowed two full page ads every single week for his very obvious political agenda against the City of Cary?
I think we need to all question this supposed independent source of news for our County. Because most of the time we are not getting the full story.

Marengo Illinois

Marengo Illinois – William Kroncke caught on tape, CBS had interesting information, media broke under pressure

July 10, 2006

This week, both CBS and the Northwest Herald were given very interesting information. A tape of a State Police officer punching, yelling, slapping, and intimidating people in the Marengo Police Department was handed to them, as well as an interview with Brian Gaughan Sr., and Kevin Gaughan concerning the events on the tape. But because of threats of lawsuits from State Police lawyers, CBS producers decided to show a watered down version of what they originally planned. They neither mentioned the State Police officer’s name, William Kroncke, nor described in detail what happened on the tape that they ran. The Northwest Herald was even more cowardly, refusing to run an article already written and planned for Friday morning due to fears of lawsuits by the State Police and pressure by the State’s Attorney’s Office. The article that did come out on Saturday morning was not much more than a watered down version of the original. It even had a quote on top implying that the State Police did not believe the video was what it seemed. Now, our Marengo Gazette is a small, online enterprise connected with our Marengo Message Board. We do not give in to pressure from town governments, State’s Attorney’s offices, or threats of lawsuits. Therefore, I will put parts of the tape online for all of you to look over and to see for yourselves what really happened. Now, first of all, the two State Police officers on the tape are William Kroncke and Virgil Schroeder. From what I understand, Kroncke is a millionaire whose father-in-law has a lot of political clout. This is how he is able to commit crimes that you see on this tape and get away with it. I did not see Schroeder do anything particularly exciting on the tape other than to sit at his desk and stare off into space. However, he made no move to stop his partner or to prevent Kevin Gaughan from being mistreated for 5 and a half hour. The tape contains footage which makes it pretty clear what has transpired during the 5 hour interrogation. You can watch parts of it and see for yourselves. First of all, there is the scene where Kroncke slaps Kevin Gaughan. It is interesting to watch, as there is very little to excuse these actions. Kevin Gaughan was there to make a complaint of police brutality against Scott Crawford. He wasn’t there because he committing any sort of crime or did anything wrong. This is important to note, because the State Police asked him to come down to the Marengo Police Station in order so they could take the complaint and investigate Crawford, not to be interrogated. This is not what happened. William Kroncke attempted to force him to sign a false confession, claiming that Kevin committed the car burglaries in Doral Ridge. He was yelled at, harassed, and slapped in the face, told that his father would lose his job and would go to jail and that his whole family would suffer if he did not sign the document in front of him, dropping the complaint against Crawford. Needless to say, this was not an investigation of Crawford, this was an attempt to cover up his crimes. I need not say, I’m sure, that if the State Police really wanted to conduct an investigation into the complaint, they would have met with Kevin Gaughan in an independent setting and not in the Marengo Police Station, where the Officer in question still was employed. Obviously they were not interested in seriously investigating the incidents with Crawford in the first place, otherwise why meet there? It seems clear that the only reason Kroncke and Schroeder were brought in was because the Marengo Police Department wanted a way to cover up Crawford’s crimes. After all, Sgt. Joe Perez, who is head of the investigation, was a long time resident of Marengo and friends with those in the department, so it seems that this must not have been too hard to arrange.

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The scene where Kroncke hits Kevin is very hard to misconstrue. Watch it for yourselves. I believe Kroncke’s lawyer said that Kroncke was brushing the lint off of Kevin’s shoulder! Well, as you can see, he actually does hit him. And just in case there is any doubt about that, Kevin puts a hand to his face afterward. It is also interesting to watch what Kroncke’s partner Schroeder does: he gets up and walks nowhere, just making a complete circle. It’s obvious that he suddenly stood up like this because he simply could not believe what his partner just did. If you watch the clip as a whole several times, it will become very obvious what took place. Kroncke’s lawyer’s excuses sound just like what they are – excuses to cover up his crimes. The most interesting part of the tape, of course, is the part where Kroncke punched out the prisoner that the Marengo Police brought in, Orest Hideo. What you can see is Hideo being brought out of the police car, into the police department, where he clearly starts saying something to Kevin before the Marengo Police put him against the wall. What he told Kevin was not to talk to the police without a lawyer. Kroncke then got off his chair and punched the handcuffed prisoner out. After Hideo is on the floor, Officer Mahlke kicks him into his cell. There is no mistaking this action either. You can see it yourselves right on the tape, regardless of what anyone might say. Just so all of you know, Officer Mahlke is also the Chief of Wonder Lake. I would think the citizens of Wonder Lake might be interested to know that their new Chief approves of prisoners in custody being punched, and that he kicks them when they’re down.

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Also, note the time on the bottom of the screen right after Orest Hideo is punched out. He is unconscious in his cell for 43 minutes. His hands are cuffed behind his back and no one calls for medical attention. Afterward, you can see the Marengo Police cleaning up his blood off the floor.


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Later on the tape, there is yet an another interesting occurrence. There is an awful lot of blood. At one point, one of the Marengo Police Officers comes back and notices that it had not all been cleaned up. Officer Mahlke gets more paper towels and cleans up the rest of it. In fact, he grabs a whole bunch of towels from a paper towel dispenser, wipes the blood off with his feet, and throws the bloodied towels in the garbage. There is no way that you can watch this and not see what has taken place. And it is just as obvious who punches the prisoner out – William Kroncke. He gets up off his chair, walks up to the Marengo police officers, who are holding Hideo against the wall, raises his arm, punches, and then Hideo falls to the floor and there is blood. I cannot see what else could have possibly happened on the tape. It seems very obvious and hard to misconstrue. Of course, the Marengo Police are just as responsible for not protecting the prisoner who is in their custody. From what Kevin Gaughan has described, they laughed about the whole incident among themselves. You can also see Officer Mahlke kicking the unconscious prisoner into a cell after he is knocked out. Apparently, this is something that must have gone on quite often at the Marengo Police Department and no one thought anything of it. Certainly, no one was angry at Kroncke for knocking the prisoner. No one thought to check on Hideo while he was in the cell, handcuffed and unconscious, or to provide him with medical attention. What happens in some of the other scenes on the tape? Well, I watched the tape as a whole and unfortunately it is impossible to put it all online. However, I think watching the whole thing gives one a whole different perspective on what went on. Also on what kind of person William Kroncke is. For one, it becomes obvious how ridiculous the excuses the State Police lawyers make for Kroncke really are. It’s next to impossible to watch the whole tape and not see it as anything less than intimidation and further police brutality. William Kroncke is clearly a very scary and intimidating presence. But its even more than that – this is a person who seems almost as if he is insane and should not be given a gun and a badge! He should not be allowed to perform a job as an officer or an investigator after treating a witness who is supposed to have given him information about a police brutality incident in this way. Clearly, he isn’t investigating anyone, he’s breaking the law in order to help out the Marengo Police by forcing Kevin Gaughan to drop his complaint. For five and a half hour this person screams, makes gestures with his arms, threatens to do to Kevin what he has done to the prisoner in handcuffs, sticks Kevin into a jail cell, threatens Kevin’s family and friends. He picks up a chair that still has a coat on it, for goodness sakes, and swings it around over his head. What kind of normal person would do something like this? And he never lets up with the screaming, yelling, hand swinging, and holding out the paper for Kevin to sign for the whole 5 and a half hours. You can see Schroeder just sitting there staring off into space. He makes no gesture to stop the tirade, and is therefore also responsible for what happened. The most telling part was when Kevin asks to go the bathroom. You would think that after almost 5 hours Kroncke would rest and relax during this little break in order to get ready for more screaming and yelling? Nope. He goes up to the cell where Orest Hideo has now regained consciousness and starts harassing and baiting him until Hideo yells something back. Then Kroncke calls the Marengo police officers into the room, who threaten to pepper spray Hideo. It is apparent from Kroncke’s gestures that he tells them that Hideo had started yelling himself. However, when you watch the tape, you can see that Kroncke started baiting him first, when Hideo was just sitting quietly on the cot. But that’s even beside the point. Kroncke could not sit still for a few minutes while the person he was harassing for many hours went into the bathroom! What kind of person is this? Are we supposed to take this person’s word for what happened in any investigation at all, whether it’s the shooting conducted by a Marengo Police Officer or Crawford hurting people? He can’t even keep his temper after 5 hours of screaming! Needless to say, he also seems to have few morals, as he has no problem at all knocking out a prisoner completely unrelated to the case he was investigating just to intimidate Kevin Gaughan so that he would think something like this could happen to him. He has no trouble harassing the prisoner in question for no apparent reason whatsoever and then telling the police officers on duty that the prisoner was the one who caused the problem. Clearly, besides appearing to be mentally ill, William Kroncke lies and makes things up just to get his way in whatever matter is at hand. This much is obvious from his behavior on this tape.

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 Kroncke isn’t the only person committing crimes in this video. At the very end, Officer Riley and County Officer Umbenhower sit down with Kevin Gaughan and try to get him to admit to them that he was the one who committed the burglaries in Doral Ridge. Of course, both of these Officers knew that this wasn’t true, as they already had a suspect in custody who really did commit the burglaries. He is in the upper quadrant of the film, sitting in a jail cell. So, there was no reason for them to harass Kevin and try to get him to admit to crimes he did not commit. It should also be noted that this incident took place after Kevin Gaughan had been interrogated for over five and a half hours. I don’t know if Officer Riley was hoping that Kevin by this time would be worn out by all the screaming and yelling and would therefore confess, or what they hoped would happen. But it is clearly wrong for a police officer to accuse someone of something that they did not do, when the Officers in question know for sure that this person did not do it.


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One final interesting look at an another incident that transpired: While Kevin was locked up in the jail cell, Orest Hideo was taken out of his cell. Watch the cardboard that is put up to block Kevin’s view of what is about to take place. Why do you think they needed to do that? I can only imagine. But a Marengo Officer notices it and looks at it in great confusion, after which the cardboard is taken back down again. Apparently Kroncke and the others think better of it. Why is this of any significance? Well, in November of last year, Orest Hideo was arrested by the Marengo Police, brought to the police department, and then wound up in the hospital for days. I wonder if beatings are a regular occurrence in the Marengo Police Department? The cardboard seems to indicate so. This is something that one would expect to find in a third world country, not in the United States. We should all be ashamed and outraged that our police department lets these things go on and that the people in this town go and defend the police department regardless of these doings.

Marengo Illinois – State Police Officer William Kroncke hitting a person, Gaughan goes to the police station to file a complaint

July 6, 2006

Marengo Illinois – State Police Officer William Kroncke is responsible for hitting a person whom he was interviewing. Officer Kroncke asked Kevin Gaughan to come into the police station with him in order to file a complaint against Officer Scott Crawford. While the Gaughans thought Kroncke would be investigating Crawford, Kroncke interrogated Kevin Gaughan for almost six hours. He asked Kevin Gaughan to sign a confession stating that he had committed the burglaries in Doral Ridge. When Kevin refused, he was harassed, hit in the face, and threatened. Officer Kroncke placed Kevin in a jail cell two times in order to scare him and actually knocked out a prisoner in handcuffs in front of him, so as to make him think that this would happen to him next. This is the way Kroncke investigates complaints against police officers. He should not be allowed to keep his job after what he did during this interview. Here is the tape of parts of the interview for those who are interested:

Marengo, Ilinois

Marengo Illinois – Scared to tell the truth, William Kroncke intimidated CBS and the NW Herald, threatened to sue

July 4, 2006

Marengo Illinois – A few nights ago on the news, it was mentioned that The Northwest Herald would have a complete story on the videotape of State Police Officer William Kroncke hitting a prisoner in handcuffs and knocking him out for almost an hour. Kroncke also repeatedly slapped Kevin Gaughan, who was there to file a complaint against Marengo police officer Scott Crawford. This was all caught on tape and the NWHerald was scared to tell the truth. It took over a year for the courts to release the tape to the Gaughans under a subpoena. Now, this tape and an exclusive interview with the Gaughans was given to both CBS, channel 2 and the NW Herald. Viewers all across Illinois, and indeed, the country, would be allowed to see acts of police brutality that were shocking and demand action.Is this what happened?No, the State Police lawyers intimidated CBS and the NW Herald and threatened to sue them if they came out with the contents of this tape. The State’s Attorney’s Office for McHenry County put pressure on our supposedly independent newspaper for McHenry County, the NW Herald, to not publish the article. They did publish it, but it was a watered down version of the what they originally planned to publish. First of all, there were no interesting articles on the front page that day, except an event that was completely out of the County and in Elburn. So, there was no reason not to put this shocking and interesting event right in front for everyone to read. Instead, it winds up in the local section, which few people view. At the top of the article there is an announcement that the State Police say the video is not what it seems. In what way? I watched the video, as you may too, and there is no other way that I can see to interpret the events that take place on it. Sure enough, in the article there is also a quote from the state police, saying what? Why, that they believe that the video is not what it seems, of course!! How does THAT prove that point is beyond me. There was no reason for the NW Herald to put such an asinine quote in their article, instead of intelligently describing what had taken place in the video and interviewing the Gaughans about the events of that day. I can’t believe that the NW Herald took something that could have made a fantastic front page story, full of interesting details, and made it into THIS pathetic little article. Why did they do it? Fears of lawsuits and pressure from the State’s Attorney’s office and the State Police. Its ridiculous. This is supposedly an independent paper that serves McHenry County. Yeah, right! Apparently, the news they provide is biased toward those in authority. We have contacted the NW Herald and received a response back that they are “still working on it”. Still working on what? They have not come out with anything since they told us this and it has been over a week. I don’t think they plan on doing so.Here is a site where you can view the tape in question:

Marengo, Illinois

Marengo Illinois – William Kroncke State Police Investigator, guilty of police brutality, hitting, screaming, yelling at Gaughan

July 3, 2006

Marengo Illinois – William Kroncke is a State Police Investigator whose job it was to investigate incidents of police abuse in Marengo. In the events in question, Kroncke was investigating the incident of Scott Crawford and attempting to find if he was guilty of police brutality against the brothers Kevin and Brian Gaughan. How did Kroncke do this?
Well, he started by asking Kevin Gaughan, the person who was making the complaint against the officer in question to go down to the Marengo Police Department with him. This is the place where the incidents of police abuse took place in the first place. One would have thought that a separate setting would have been more appropriate.
The problem, of course, was that William Kroncke had no intention of finding out what happened that October night or what Scott Crawford did to Kevin Gaughan and his brother Brian. If you watch the tape of the interview, Kroncke is seen yelling and screaming the whole time. He waves a chair around, bangs the table, and even does the unthinkable – hits Kevin Gaughan in the face and knocks out a prisoner who is brought into the police department.
Why does he do this?
According to Kevin Gaughan, Kroncke was attempting to get him to sign a false confession having to do with the burglaries that took place in a nearby subdivision, Doral Ridge. That is fairly obvious from the tape, as Kroncke waves the paper with the confession over and over again in front of Kevin Gaughan’s face, screaming, yelling, and attempting to describe to him what will happen if this confession is not signed. William Kroncke is quite a dramatic personality, so these actions are very easy to see and hard to mistake for something else. He also wants Kevin Gaughan to retract the complaint he had made against Officer Scott Crawford, who beat up his brother at the Settlers Day Carnival that year. When Kevin refuses to do so, he hits him in the face. Kevin Gaughan is placed into a jail cell two times in order to scare him, as well.
Does this take place all the time in the Marengo Police Department?
Apparently so. A man named Orest Hideo spent many days in the hospital after being taken down to the police station last November. He is the man that Kroncke punches out on the tape in question. Why was he arrested again in November, months later after the events in question? We don’t know. Another boy, Steven Beisner, was also placed into a jail cell after being interrogated by the Marengo Police. He was told that he would go to jail and should get ready to find a boyfriend there. Beisner was only 14 years old at the time. He also was a victim of Officer Scott Crawford.
This is a very scary situation. The State’s Attorney’s Office in McHenry County will not look into this matter. We need whoever reads this to contact Attorney General Lisa Madigan to look into this and help the Gaughans, who have serious charges still against them which they are innocent of.Lisa Madigan
IL Attorney Generals Office
100 W. Randolf St
Chicago, IL 60601

Marengo, Illinois